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A wise man once said, “Do one thing well.” The problem is, we couldn’t choose between burgers, fries and shakes. So we said, “Forget that guy.” Besides who is he anyway? He sure doesn’t sound wise. Can he even cook? The guy probably eats tofu.
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Serious about food. Seriously.

MOOYAH was born in Texas with the mission to deliver the best Burger & Fry experience EVER and have fun doing it. That's it. We want to make the best burger you've ever tasted. Period. Do you pay attention to the bun-to-meat ratio? MOOYAH does. In fact, to get it just the way we wanted it, we created our own buns. We selected the perfect pickle, the best cheeses and condiments, the highest quality potatoes to make the best fries served hot and seasoned to perfection, and the ideal ice cream for authentic shakes. Some people might think that's a bit extreme. Those people don't get it. MOOYAH burgers are just better.

And that's what we're going for.

Semi-notable moments in MOOYAH's history.

Below are a few MOOYAH milestones. We think the years are fairly accurate. Our intern compiled these from scribbled notes on napkins. To be honest, we’ve been too busy having fun to worry about our place in the pantheon of best burger places. In fact, we’ve been too busy to even look up what “pantheon” means, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing.


We were born in UAE. Hooray!

With the simple mission, to deliver the best burger, fry and shake experience ever and have fun doing it, MOOYAH was introduced in the UAE.


Voted the Best Burger in the UAE

Our Burger was named the Best Burger in the UAE by the top local station The Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 in their Kris Fade Show.


Food Truck Concept Opens

We are thrilled to launch our food truck concept which is a first for MOOYAH worldwide. Only in Dubai can you enjoy your MOOYAH favorites at the Last Exit Al Khawaneej 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is another first for MOOYAH worldwide ... we are the only MOOYAH that never closes!

Burger Lover? Wanna Beef up Your Career?

Work at MOOYAH & get paid to have fun.

When you work at MOOYAH, you’re part of a fast-growing, respected company that doesn’t act like a fast-growing, respected company. Sure, we’re serious about what we do, but we’re also serious about not being too serious.

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